Won't Let Go when you have to!

The Raceway System Designed to Give You an Extra HAND
Wire Hider Non-Metallic Surface Mount Raceway was designed with the Installation Professional in mind.

Have you ever laid cable into a raceway only to have it fall out as you attempt to close the cover, especially on ceiling runs?

Wire Hider was designed to eliminate this problem and speed up installation - which saves you TIME and MONEY!





Wire Hider's Flexible Plastic Flaps
Grips Wires during Installation.


 Premiere Materials and Dimensions
Channel:    Rigid PVC UL94V0
Flame Retardant rated material with Vinyl Flap
UV Stabilized
1/2 in Inside Dimensions:
0.475 in. W x 0.475 in H
1 in Inside Dimensions:
1.085 in W x 0.545 H
1.5 in Inside Dimensions:
1.4 in W x 0.687 H
Cover Lid: Rigid PBC UL 94V-0 Flame Retardant rated material
UV Stabilized
Latex paintable
1/2 in Inside Dimensions:
0.645 in w x 0.535 in H
1 in Inside Dimensions:
1.225 in W x 0.605 in H
1.5 in Inside Dimensions:
1.687 in W x 0.875 in H
Accessories: ABS Flame Retardant UL94V-o/5A Rated material UV Stabilized
Cover Lids - Inside/Outside Corners
Right Angles - Tees - Ceiling Drops
Reducers - End Caps & Surface Mount Boxes
Standard colors are: White - Beige - Brown - Clear
Custom colors available with minimum order
Standard lengths: 48" , 72", 84"
Packaged in convenient 6-pack and 4-pack cartons as well as Bulk pack cartons

 Raceway Wire Capacity
Recommended Number of Wires or Cable
  Electical Applications CA. TV Applications Telephone Applications
OD .113
#14 AWF
OD .139
#12 AWG
OD .158
RG 9/U
OD .242
RG 6/U
OD .160
4 Pair
OD .160
25 Pair
OD .340
FS .5 X .5 10 6 6 2 - 3 -
FS 1.08 x .55 - - - 7 5 10 3
FS 1.54 X .77 - - - 12 10 22 7
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